Reaganland : : America's right turn, 1976-1980

Title Reaganland : : America's right turn, 1976-1980
Names Perlstein, Rick.
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Annotation "Over two decades, Rick Perlstein has published three definitive works about the emerging dominance of conservatism in modern American politics. With the saga's final installment, he has delivered yet another stunning literary and historical achievement. In late 1976, Ronald Reagan was dismissed as a man without a political future: defeated in his nomination bid against a sitting president of his own party, blamed for President Gerald Ford's defeat, too old to make another run. His comeback was fueled by an extraordinary confluence: fundamentalist preachers and former segregationists reinventing themselves as militant crusaders against gay rights and feminism; business executives uniting against regulation in an era of economic decline; a cadre of secretive "New Right" organizers deploying state-of-the-art technology, bending political norms to the breaking point-and Reagan's own unbending optimism, his ability to convey unshakable confidence in America as the world's "shining city on a hill." Meanwhile, a civil war broke out in the Democratic party. When President Jimmy Carter called Americans to a new ethic of austerity, Senator Ted Kennedy reacted with horror, challenging him for reelection. Carter's Oval Office tenure was further imperiled by the Iranian hostage crisis, the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, near-catastrophe at a Pennsylvania nuclear plant, aviation accidents, serial killers on the loose, and endless gas lines. Backed by a reenergized conservative Republican base, Reagan ran on the campaign slogan "Make America Great Again"-and prevailed. Reaganland is the story of how that happened, tracing conservatives' cutthroat strategies to gain power and explaining why they endure four decades later." -- Provided by publisher. -- Unrated. Commercial audiobook.
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Contents Book one: 1976. "Nibbled to death by ducks" -- "What is an Orrin Hatch?" -- Book two: 1977. "Hi, Jimmy!" -- Iceberg -- Human rights -- "Little hot squat" -- Lancegate -- "The moral womanly woman is alive and well in Mississippi" -- "God made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve" -- Boardroom Jacobins -- Book three: 1978. "Hang Sen. Dick Clark on a telephone pole" -- In which the president of the United States is said to have nearly killed an Indian -- Capital gains -- No one shoots Santa Claus -- "The white, American middle class plus blacks who want the same thing" -- "High and dry" -- Almighty politics -- Election season -- Basements -- Book four: 1979. Conventional wisdom -- Superman -- Christian soldiers -- The "front-runner" -- Energy -- To the mountaintop -- "Refusing to fan the flames of moderation" -- "Do you ever feel that we might be the generation that sees armageddon?" -- Shocks -- Kickoffs -- Patriotisms -- Book five: 1980. "The imam does not often respond" -- "Do you believe in miracles?" -- "Jimmy's depression is gonna be worse than Herbert's" -- "Feed your faith and starve your doubts!" -- Conventions -- "Meanness" -- "A shabby business" -- "Carter is smarter than Reagan".
Publication Info Washington, D.C. : National Library Service for the Blind and Print Disabled, Library of Congress,
Original Publication Reissue of: New York, New York : Simon & Schuster Audio, 2020. 9781797103969
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